Monday, February 8, 2016

Lindsay Sees Photos

Hi There,
I know I've been awful! To make up for it, here's a photo post featuring photos by classmate Ayana Jordan.

Christmas gift swap!

More glee at gift swap.

Getting the band together.

Facilitating an 'Intro to Contact Improv' workshop!

Always time to jam.

Helping Lara fly!

Presenting creative feedback

Steve's birthday at the pub!

The three little bears...with a twist.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lindsay Sees Medvedev

In paper writing land, but a lovely quote to tide you over:

"Every young science - and Marxist literary scholarship is very young - must much more highly prize a good foe than a poor ally."

       - Pavel Medvedev

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lindsay Sees Semiotics

Term may be over, but the reading has just begun.

The beginnings of a 6000 word essay.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lindsay Sees Prison Theatre

As the end of the term approaches, it seems to quicken and I have been too busy filling my brain with knowledge to blog.

This is a quick post - from our most recent week on prison theatre. We had a lovely workshop with Geese Theatre of Birmingham and also lovely seminars with CAOIMHE MCAVINCHEY who, for the record, is delightful, and set up the MA at Goldsmiths years ago.

The photo I'm posting is from an actual ad for a prison guard. Couldn't believe exploitation being used to draw people in.
Send me your reactions in the comments below.

On my way to see LITTLE EYOLF at the ALMEIDA tonight - will write more soon!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lindsay Sees Social Work

Hi All,

Sorry I've just been the worst blogger ever this week! It's flown by for some reason!
This Monday, I, with three of my classmates, facilitated a two hour workshop all by ourselves for our 12 other classmates and 5 Talawa Theatre Creating Routes guys.

The workshop was on Planning and Structure (how do you plan a workshop on planning and structure - the mind BOGGLES - it's the inception of facilitation). It's amazing how much you learn from doing (which is sort of the whole point of applied theatre). Main concerns were to keep things moving so no one is bored, but also give them enough time for all the tasks. Be conscious of variety of how people reflect -  either all in one circle, or in small groups, or in pairs. There's this amazing concept of 'shapes in a room' so either everyone's in a line, or in a circle, or in two groups, or walking around the space and changing those often enough keeps people engaged which helps with the learning.

Once we'd settled on our activities and the order, I put together this handy pdf guide to our lesson. It basically tells who is facilitating, the nickname of the activity, a short description, how the people are grouped, what shape it makes in the room and how long.

I think it went splendidly! We were really pleased at how smooth it went and lots of people gave us really positive feedback. It's also sort of nice to start it out cause now we get to enjoy the next three sessions!
Tuesday was great as well. In the afternoon we had a lovely workshop with Taz from Tender which is an organization that promotes healthy relationships and early awareness for abuse. He used statistics and made it into a guessing game where you had to find a corner of the room that corresponded with a specific abuse-related statistic. We also did some lovely work with a continuum of healthy to unhealthy and  were given cards to place along the continuum and discuss. Followed by some role playing and identification of 'abuse excuses'  - for example, woman blaming (you make me so angry) excuses (I just love you so much), learned behavior (my dad used to hit my mom so...) etc. What was really illuminating for me was this idea of control and how many abusers make an excuse of lack of control when, in reality, they have plenty as they don't normally abuse their boss, or strangers. Blew my mind.
Then, Tuesday after class I had a meeting with my placement host which I can now talk about! The company is called Knot Arts! They hold sessions every Saturday geared toward kids on the spectrum - sometimes with communication issues, sometimes not. But it sounds really great. They're sort of a newer company but it sounds like I get to be hands on, which excites me! And I get to go and observe tomorrow (Saturday) - so I'll let you know how that goes!
Lastly, this morning was quite interesting as I volunteered to help out with students at Goldsmiths studying social work by being an actor for their role play and assessment before their placements! We were given a short scenario - name, age, and circumstance for being referred to the social worker. Mine was that I had three children, the eldest whom was acting out at school due to a divorce in the works at home. There were two people assessing - one staff member, and another person who's experienced the care system first hand - and then I was interviewed by four different prospective care workers. It was fascinating! An excellent exercise in empathy as well as assumption and what framework we bring into the room. And so cool to be a part of another's educational venture!
Whew! This is a long one - I'm out for now!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lindsay Sees Reading Week

Hello Friends,

This week there are no classes due to it being, what is affectionately (?) called, Reading Week!

This means, yes, you read. Also, my reading week is full of me reading and writing my Diagnostic Essay (1,000 words) for which the guidelines are:

Select an article or chapter that you have read within the course reader that has stimulated you. Summarise the article or chapter and then draw out some key points that resonate with you. How do these points expand your understanding of the field of Applied Theatre? Make relevant reference to practice.
Reflect on one of the practical training workshops you have participated in so far. Choose a key moment that struck you in one of these workshops. Describe this moment and discuss how it illuminates the field of Applied Theatre for you. Make relevant reference to reading you have undertaken on the course.
I'm currently working on a creative way to marry the two, actually. Because I'm THAT person. Had a bit of trouble off the bat nailing down what I'm going to talk about (keeping in mind that 1,000 words double spaced is really only a couple of pages) but I think I've got a handle on it now. Will take the next few days to be sure, then I can share it with you when I'm happy with it.
Also, today I met with my Creating Routes group (which I think I've mentioned before but for the sake of the now, it's a programme through Talawa Theatre Co. where we put together a 2 hour workshop on facilitation) - we're the first to present on Monday, November 9th and we came up with a good plan, I think! I made a table in powerpoint. Fancy, I know.
So, as you can see, Reading Week is NOT vacation. I do still very much feel like I'm working as hard, if not harder, even if I'm not making the commute.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lindsay Sees David Lan

Who is David Lan you might ask?
Silly you, he's the Artistic Director of the Young Vic.

And yes, I  did see him.
He graciously offered a couple hours of his time on a Thursday afternoon to my Cultural Theory class, and other PHD students of that same professor.

David Lan is somehow both a realist and an idealist. He sometimes pre-emptively apologizes for what he's about to say and assures you he means it earnestly. Other people saying the same things could be criticized for spouting cliches, but David somehow gets away with it. Cliches become wisdom and inspiration because his commitment to their truth is so evident.

Rather than run down the entire interview I'm just going to post a few nuggets that make the most sense out of context. I hope from these you get a glimpse of his brilliance and what the afternoon held.

'We must live or die by our artistic imagination.'

'If you know how to do it, go and do it somewhere else' & 'If it can be done anywhere then we don't want it'

'I want the same people who walk by to be the people who walk in' (re: his desired audience)

'Challenging audience, challenging show, challenge everybody.'

'I don't want things to be accessible. There's a fine line between accessible and simplified.'

'Anybody can talk to anybody if they want to.'

'I'm not interested in entertainment, I'm here to create art.'