Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lindsay Sees David Lan

Who is David Lan you might ask?
Silly you, he's the Artistic Director of the Young Vic.

And yes, I  did see him.
He graciously offered a couple hours of his time on a Thursday afternoon to my Cultural Theory class, and other PHD students of that same professor.

David Lan is somehow both a realist and an idealist. He sometimes pre-emptively apologizes for what he's about to say and assures you he means it earnestly. Other people saying the same things could be criticized for spouting cliches, but David somehow gets away with it. Cliches become wisdom and inspiration because his commitment to their truth is so evident.

Rather than run down the entire interview I'm just going to post a few nuggets that make the most sense out of context. I hope from these you get a glimpse of his brilliance and what the afternoon held.

'We must live or die by our artistic imagination.'

'If you know how to do it, go and do it somewhere else' & 'If it can be done anywhere then we don't want it'

'I want the same people who walk by to be the people who walk in' (re: his desired audience)

'Challenging audience, challenging show, challenge everybody.'

'I don't want things to be accessible. There's a fine line between accessible and simplified.'

'Anybody can talk to anybody if they want to.'

'I'm not interested in entertainment, I'm here to create art.'

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