Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lindsay Sees Reading Week

Hello Friends,

This week there are no classes due to it being, what is affectionately (?) called, Reading Week!

This means, yes, you read. Also, my reading week is full of me reading and writing my Diagnostic Essay (1,000 words) for which the guidelines are:

Select an article or chapter that you have read within the course reader that has stimulated you. Summarise the article or chapter and then draw out some key points that resonate with you. How do these points expand your understanding of the field of Applied Theatre? Make relevant reference to practice.
Reflect on one of the practical training workshops you have participated in so far. Choose a key moment that struck you in one of these workshops. Describe this moment and discuss how it illuminates the field of Applied Theatre for you. Make relevant reference to reading you have undertaken on the course.
I'm currently working on a creative way to marry the two, actually. Because I'm THAT person. Had a bit of trouble off the bat nailing down what I'm going to talk about (keeping in mind that 1,000 words double spaced is really only a couple of pages) but I think I've got a handle on it now. Will take the next few days to be sure, then I can share it with you when I'm happy with it.
Also, today I met with my Creating Routes group (which I think I've mentioned before but for the sake of the now, it's a programme through Talawa Theatre Co. where we put together a 2 hour workshop on facilitation) - we're the first to present on Monday, November 9th and we came up with a good plan, I think! I made a table in powerpoint. Fancy, I know.
So, as you can see, Reading Week is NOT vacation. I do still very much feel like I'm working as hard, if not harder, even if I'm not making the commute.

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